Our Mission

“The Sheldon Jr. Huskies youth football, cheer, and track and field program's mission is to help develop a love and appreciation of the game in our players, cheerleaders, and athletes so they continue to enjoy the games and events that teaches life lessons like no other. We do this by focusing on having well trained coaches and leadership that are sold out to following a well thought out and proven template of developing our players, teams, and squads. Our approach is to create a positive and encouraging environment, while maintaining accountability and discipline. We stress fundamentals that bring our teams and squads together in a systematic way.  Bonds are formed with each other, the coaching staff, the competitive teams and squads as the results.
Our amalgamated goal is to elevate each team to its full potential.  No child left out, everyone will participate in each activity. To set a standard of sportsmanship in the league, and most of all, have fun! We use a Character Development Program to help bring our teams and squads closer together.  We will mentor each player and cheerleader in lessons he or she can use on and away from the football field. We have an Academic Accountability and Rewards Program that helps the boys and girls develop in school. Enforcing great fundamentals, teaching character lessons, getting everyone playing time, winning, and having fun are not mutually exclusive.”